Info for Guests

Thank you for your interest in being a guest on a Disruptive show. Below are some general FAQ’s:

What happens if the show is pre-recorded?

If the show is to be pre-recorded, we pre-record but stream “as live” across multiple social media platforms and our websites, properties of Compare the Cloud and Disruptive Live.

Who are you looking for as guests?

Series producers are looking for a wealth of individuals who work in or around the technology space. Ideally these would be individuals (experts) well versed in their topic, with seniority and who would be comfortable on camera.

What are the viewing figures?

We anticipate around 15-20K viewers during each show (this does not include post-show figures).

Can I have the questions beforehand?

We do not have set questions for each show, we like the conversation to flow naturally, which doesn’t happen as well if you are aware of the questions beforehand. However, before you go live you will get a chance to talk to the presenter, if there is anything in particular you would like to mention, you can talk to them about including it.

What do you mean by filmed live?       

By filmed live we mean the show will be filmed in one take, and streamed on our various channels at the same time.

Where can I watch the show?

On broadcast, shows will be streamed to multiple social media platforms as well as websites and

I don’t think I suit this show but I might suit another?

We will be casting for further shows which will take place soon so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

What do I wear?

Please try to avoid wearing the following:

  • Clothing with a large branded logo
  • Overly striped/checkered/patterned clothing as this tend to come across badly on camera – referred to as ‘The Moiré Effect’
  • Green clothing as this interferes with our green screen
  • All black/very dark coloured clothing
  • Company Lanyards
  • Heeled shoes (for anyone accompanying you who are not on screen, this is due to the echo on the floor)

Anything else I should know?

  • The Presenter/Production Team will give you a pre-show briefing before you go live.
  • As the show is broadcast to a general audience please avoid swearing.
  • Try to avoid mentioning specific brands by name other than your own.
  • All mobiles switched to airplane mode during filming, this includes those being filmed as well as anyone on the sidelines.
  • As the content will be broadcasted you will be required to sign a standard ‘Digital Waiver Form’ form on the day. These are fairly standard to all filming (also known as release forms) please let us know if you have any questions.
  • Try to have fun, we know being filmed can be a little daunting but try to relax, enjoy yourself and remember you can always ask a member of our production team if you have questions on the day.
  • And yes… There is free wifi!

Where do I go?

Our address is:

Disruptive Studios
Cargo Works
1-2 Hatfields
United Kingdom

Once you arrive, please go to the screen in the reception to let us know you’ve arrived (by calling Compare the Cloud), then please take a seat and wait for someone to come and get you. If you arrive early and have let us know, please do not think we have forgotten you if you are waiting a while, we might just have some previous filming we need to finish up before your time slot.

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