Is too much Noise keeping you from success?

Avatar Ben Fower | 16/08/2019

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This week Beth Wood talks to us about her book Unlock You: Be calm, confident and happy in just 10 minutes a day

Sometimes we seem magically able to give our full attention to the activity that we are doing. Creatives call this being in the ‘zone.’ Whether it is writing an email or playing in a tennis match it has our full focus, our mind does not wander and we look up to see that a considerable amount of time has passed. It is in this state that we perform at our best.

In terms of the human condition, however, it is rare. Scientists believe that we have between 20,000 and 60,000 thoughts a day and only about 5% of these thoughts are spent on the task in hand. The rest is Noise. It’s interesting to imagine the potential that we would harness if we found a way to move the focus rate to 50%.

You can watch the video below and read the great article on our website!

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