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Avatar Ben Fower | 28/12/2018

Ulrich Wenz from Datameer joined us at TechWeek18 to discuss Big Data and new technologies within the Cloud. Hosted by Will Spalding

Will: I am delighted to be joined by Ulrich Wenz now of Datameer who is a Country Manager there for all German-speaking areas in Europe. Is that correct?

Ulrich: That’s correct.

Will: So, Ulrich thanks for being on the show with us today.

Ulrich: Thanks for inviting me.

Will: No problem. So, Ulrich tell us a little bit about Datameer. We briefly just spoke about it for about 10 to 20 seconds before we went on air live but tell us an overview of Datameer and what you guys are up to?

Ulrich: Okay. First of all, Datameer was founded in 2009. Actually, we were originally based in Germany and all the whole development team was in Halen, which is in Eastern Germany and after quite a while our founder went to the US and establish a business over there and our headquarter are currently now, it’s in San Francisco. The goal of the company was when it was founded is to make the usage of Hadoop data more accessible to non-technical people. So, what we did is we establish a platform which enables non-technical people who don’t need to understand coding to pull data over to the Hadoop infrastructure and prepare and get these data pipeline setup and at the end goal is to enable business people to do self-service.

Will: It sounds like that would be ideal for someone like me who doesn’t quite understand the coding.

Ulrich: For me as well, you know, and everybody who is familiar with EXO and most of the business analysts uses EXO and some kind of firm can do Datameer cross with an excellent driven spreadsheet solution or platform which enables people to do that use on their experience by using EXO.

Will: Okay, and what brings Datameer to TechWeek 18, I mean, I know I put that to a lot of businesses here and there obviously is one reason, it’s to check out what the competition is doing. But what is the real thing that you’re wanting to show off it here?

Ulrich: So, there are two things which actually made us decide to go to the Big Data world. One is we had a speaker start yesterday, which is always important. So just having a booth doesn’t make any sense and we were lucky to have a building, across the street in the Marriott yesterday as well to give a 50-minute speech to a 50 different executives in the Big Data environment, which is a really something that makes you want to come over and definitely to have a look around what is a competition doing. Interesting that we got some good conversations going on as well today, which is a bit different to other organizations and events we did this year. So, this is one of the better ones I would say.

Will: So, we mentioned before that you work in data, but also analytics is part of that. Tell us a little bit more about the analytical data that you recover at Datameer or you analyze.

Ulrich: So actually, what we are discovering by talking to our customers and prospects is that there are three major things they’re currently struggling and worrying about. First of all, everybody is moving into Cloud, you can’t put everything into the cloud, so you have to do this hybrid Cloud stuff, so we have to address it. Secondly is how do you explain all the data you get. Thirdly the complexity of technology is getting bigger and bigger and bigger and nothing has gone away. So big data warehouses are still there, and they will be there but it’s declining. Otherwise, they would merge with Cloudera and now these Cloud providers coming around the corner like AWS like Ager like Google which I could take away the bread and butter from our Hortonworks. So, you have to respond to all these kinds of challenges. So, this is where Datameer place the game because we enable data to be pulled into a Leduc infrastructure and put into an Amazon Cloud with our connectors we have, and we don’t care about the format it. Structured data, unstructured data is the clickstream, it is voice whatever you need this kind of data we can pull in and then prepare this data so we enrich data as well as giving business people the opportunity to ask questions, which they don’t know today and if you see the traditional way today somebody says how successful was my campaign and I give you a perfect example of a potential customer of ours, big retailer.

Will: I love an example by the way.

Ulrich: Yeah, that’s what it is all about you know. They were trying internally to test the effect. If people are going into the shop if they push down emails and advertising what impact is this going to have on the behaviour. Is the basket full at the end of the day or not? So internally they decided to set it up. They got the feedback from IT, it’s going to take you six months, investment is $300,000. So, they came to us. Can you do better? So, we do it for two days. With a limited amount of money and the result at the end of the day has no impact. So, spending three hundred thousand in six months just to come to a result that doesn’t make sense is a whole big effort and due to our technology, we enable people to get this insight much faster than you get it through the traditional way.

Will: So not only that but Datameer is a cost-effective and streamlined solution.essentially?

Ulrich: Yeah, and it gives your insight and discovery into data, which you don’t know, and you can discover questions you might have never asked because you can play around with it.

Will: Yeah. So, I guess that answers the question. I was going to ask you next which is why Datameer? but I don’t know if you’ve got a quick synopsis that you want to just give.

Ulrich: So, there are a couple of other companies around which try to do similar stuff. If you take the one which is next to us, but the big differentiator that Datameer has is we’re enterprise-grade. We are not just a tool we are a platform. So that means all the data government and security experts they are taken care of which differentiate us from some of the competitors. And this is a very big differentiator and we have a lot of banks who are using our stuff in terms of the customer journey, fraud management, risk management and people like Deutsche Bank or HSBC or Barkley’s wouldn’t get us into their solution if we wouldn’t be enterprise grade. So that’s one of the differentiating factors.

Will: Fantastic now, we’re going to just go slightly off topic here quickly as well. Now I didn’t inform you about this before got a couple of little indifferent questions really so it’s going off topic completely if you had to choose between clothes size, which is 2x times your size or would you get one which is 1x times smaller if you had to choose between one of those two what would you go for.

Ulrich: 1x smaller.

Will: You got for 1x smaller good answer. For me personally, I’ll be 2x I like the baggy fit. Are you going to give an answer for that?

Ulrich: Yeah, you know, Germany is a complex country.

Will: As I’m finding out.

Ulrich: Yeah, and we internally have discussed. What is the go-to market after? To get a foot in the door go to the one smaller stuff and then grow it.

Will: I like that. So, you’ve got an answer for it. I’ve got one more. So, what is the movie that you dislike the most? Not your favorite movie the one the that you can’t stand.

Ulrich: Good question.

Will: I’ve put a bit of a negative spin on that one.

Ulrich: It’s always hard to get that negative stuff, you know.

Will: All right. Keep it easy. What’s your favorite film?

Ulrich: My favourite film is definitely Casablanca. It’s romantic.

Will: Yeah, I like it a lot good choice. Ulrich it’s been a pleasure having you on the show it really has. We learned a lot about Datameer and obviously best of luck for the rest of the day.

Ulrich: Thanks very much for inviting me.

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