Cloud Industry Forum LIVE – Dealing with the Digital Skills Gap

Avatar Andrew McLean | 15/11/2018

Join us for a live discussion around the UK’s Digital Skills Gap with:

  • Andy Wilson Industry Principal – Media at Dropbox
  • Kathy Schneider CMO at Sungard AS
  • Chris Blundell – Partner at MHA MacIntyre
  • Moderator – David Terrar Director & Deputy Chair at Cloud Industry Forum
Key Points:
  • The backdrop is today’s disruptive digital landscape:
    • Every company is becoming a technology company
    • Every company is becoming a media company
    • Our education systems were designed over a century ago for a very different world of work
  • A recent Deloitte survey suggested:
    • Only 16% of executives believe their teams have the capabilities to deliver their digital strategy
    • Less than half (45 per cent) of executives are confident in their own digital skills and ability to lead their organisation in the digital economy
  • Our speakers add in some of their own research and we discuss the issues, challenges and potential solutions

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