#TheCloudShow – Cloud Economics

Avatar Julie Podbielski Stewart | 04/05/2018

With guest Stuart Evers, Chief Commercial Officer for Turk Telecom International.

This topic is arguably the least understood both by businesses and the technology industry itself.

Cloud economics is more than just cost optimisation, more than helping organisations when they move to cloud and see their bill come in and recoil in horror as they see the extent of their cloud sprawl.

Every organisation hits a point in their cloud journey where they really start to care about their spend, especially when it is operational spend and this normally happens after they complete a reasonably large migration to cloud services. Be the pounds and pence of line items in the bill or getting to predictive analytics to forecasting spend based upon reasonably assumed points of peak usage.

There is a veritable smorgasbord of analytics solutions out there that offer this but they get to a certain point and just stop or offer beta services and claim no responsibility for things that are more complicated that clients want to do with their services.

You also have the arguments about spinning up and down instances or services when they are not being used or having tools that send warnings when you are approaching budget loads. But for me, this is just scratching the surface and are point solutions to a wider challenge.

It is also about how the business case for cloud services and usage is fundamentally different from traditional business cases as the benefits and value measurements are simply not comparable in real terms.

So what can they do?

With guest J R Storment, co-founder and GM for EMEA of Cloudability


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