We will explore critical topics from a legal, regulatory and operational standpoint:• Core Regulatory Obligations – what does the regulator expect of your firm moving into 2022, what has changed, what remains the same but needs translating into new operating environments? [15 mins]• Effective oversight - compliant onboarding and continued monitoring, data management andappropriate supervision – the why, what, who, and how. [15 mins]• Emerging technologies and operating environments - how we work and do business hasmarkedly changed and continues to change. What risks does this present to your firm? [15 mins]• Compliant operations - what does the regulator expect when managing a hybrid workforce? [15mins]• 30-minute audience Q&A – get answers to those burning questions you may have from ourexperts. Ask questions before the panel by dropping us a message or during the live stream inthe event change. The panellists will address your questions towards the end of the panelsession.


Panel Discussion

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