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Avatar Andrew McLean | 25/06/2018

About the Branded Player

The branded player contains all video materials your company has worked on with Disruptive Live. It can also include content from third parties you own as well as the wealth of content Disruptive Live and Compare the Cloud have available in our archive.

Defaults: Your company logo is placed upper right of the player at all times. The player controls are set to the most prominent colour of your branding and the order videos are played are set to Least Viewed Video first.

Example Player

Embedding the Player

In your email you have two embed codes. One for JavaScript embed (recommended) the other for iFrame. We recommend using JavaScript whenever possible for nest results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the player uses HTML 5 and should play on most devices without any problems. It also is adaptable so using the player on low bandwidth (e.g. 3g) will play a slightly lower quality version.

By default videos are set to play in “Least Viewed” order – this should give an even spread of video content delivered as views increase. Please contact us if you would prefer one of the following:

  • Most Played First
  • Oldest First
  • Newest First

We will add more content that you have filmed with us.

Please let us know if you want other unbranded content currently curated on Disruptive LIVE or Compare the Cloud.

We set our players to Auto Start on mute. If you would like it to not start on page load – please let us know.

The same embed code can be used in multiple locations e.g. other pages, subsites, sidebar widgets etc. There are no restrictions on the number of embeds.

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