Fredrik Ström | Dataiku | TechWeek18

Avatar Ben Fower | 12/12/2018

Fredrik Ström from Dataiku joined us at TechWeek18 to talk about the challenges that businesses can face when entering the world of artificial intelligence. Hosted by Will Spalding.

Will: Hi guys, welcome back again. We’re at TechWeek in Frankfurt. You can follow us @Disruptive.Live on Twitter. Send us across your tweets again. So, I’m very happy to be joined by Fredrik Ström of Dataiku. Did I get that one correct that time Dataiku we did try to talk about the correct pronunciation beforehand.

Fredrik: No, it’s a very valid point.

Will: Yeah, Dataiku?

Fredrik: Yeah. It’s right and it’s about data on the one side and IQ in Japanese, if you put it together and uses the suffix it means something like let’s get going working with data.

Will: So Fredrik, tell us a little bit about yourself and what you guys do at Dataiku.

Fredrik: Yes. So, my name is Fredrik Ström as you said and at Dataiku we are a software vendor. So as a product we allow companies to reach their goals that they have as far as analytics. The company was founded about five years ago in France. And that’s still where the R&D people are sitting, but our customers are worldwide.

Will: So still very much a start-up then as a business?

Fredrik: I would call it a scale up now. We’re about 200 people and you know have clients globally both big and small and help them along the way of, you know, getting and becoming more data-driven.

Will: So one of the reasons why we got you on here was to kind of talk about what you guys are really doing right now and I think enterprise AI for people starting up in AI, what’s really, I suppose, some of the challenges that businesses can face when entering the world of artificial intelligence.

Fredrik: It’s a good question and we deliberately put enterprise and AI together because typically AI is looked at as moonshot projects. It may be startups with a new idea, you know visual recognition for example, but what does it mean as an enterprise to incorporate AI and that’s you know, the path towards enterprise in AI is we want to help companies become better at the automating processes and also at augmenting their workforce.

Will: Yeah. Well, this is a conversation that we have that comes up quite a lot of on disruptive about do people go down? There’s a lot of companies especially the smaller SMEs, do they trust the automation, or do they prefer going down more of a human more basic route. What would you say in response to that I mean for those businesses that have got those initial fears?

Fredrik: Yeah. That’s a very good question also on a societal level that’s a discussion. So, in designing AI or you know, having more of your processes and your work becoming AI driven. It’s very important to have a breadth of people involved. Not only the experts in their ivory tower that have more and more of your colleagues being involved and then what you’ll eventually end up having is something more of a human-driven but AI power company, right?

Will: So, the two working very closely with each other?

Fredrik: Yes, and it will not just be one project will be many smaller steps and that should be involving, or in the best of cases, it should be involving as many of your colleagues and domain experts independently of whether they are coders or what we call clickers using a visual interface they come together in Dataiku.

Will: So Dataiku, you’ve been around for five years now. I’m putting it towards you what’s going to be happening in the next five years? Where do you guys wish to go to as the market develops and changes?

Fredrik: Yes, well talking about the more advanced or a bigger company that may be in the U.S. We see already about 600 people for example working together in Dataiku working with different data sets on different challenges being data scientists, being people from the business, data engineers and they are really coming together in hundreds of projects reusing previous work and that is how little by little they get to scale up their data-driven projects.

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