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Avatar Ben Fower | 11/12/2018

Mat Jordan joined us at TechWeek 18 in Frankfurt to talk about Procurri and their upcoming projects. Hosted by Will Spalding.

Will: Well, I’m happy to announce that I’m joined by a very friendly face of ours at Disruptive Live, Matt Jordan. Matt, you’ve done a lot of stuff with ourselves in the past anyway. So, for any of you regular fans, you’ll know that Matts been on the show a fair amount anyway, so how are you doing?

Mat: I’ve done my shift.

Will: Yeah. You’ve done the legwork, haven’t you?

Mat: Yeah all around the world. So, it’s good to be back. It’s always it’s always good to see you guys.

Will: Yeah, absolutely. Great to have you back on the show so Matt, obviously, you’ve got your Procurri head on. I better introduce Matt to be honest with you so Matt Jordan from Procurri head of EMEA. So just give us a quick description of what that really stands for then.

Mat: My role effectively at Procurri is global organisation. We specialize in hardware and services positioning. Full IT wrap really around your IT assets. I look after the EMEA piece and I guess a large part of why I’m over here in Frankfurt today is because we’re looking to take our business that currently sits predominantly in the UK, we have some employees dotted around Europe, but actually in earnest to register and put a stronghold into Germany, so we’re actually over here looking for people for salespeople for operational staff and engineers that want to come and join an exciting dynamic fast-growing IT business.

Will: Are you allowed to say the name of what the company is going to be yet?

Mat: So, it’s going to be Procurri GMBH. The whole group has been branded Procurri around the world whether it’s in Singapore or America. So I guess what we’re looking to do now is partly because of the whole Brexit thing.

Will: Oh, that old chestnut is it?

Mat: But what we do have is through our forward stocking locations. We have about 50,000 parts actually deployed within Europe throughout the entire sort of Western spine of Europe and we need to ensure that there is some kind of provisioning around those parts if things start to go against us in the whole Brexit side of things. We have employees currently in Europe, but actually, importantly I guess Germany’s is a very interesting market. It’s a major market are able to extract around 40 million in revenues from the UK Market each year of which around about 25 percent now is services. So, we kind of have an exponential growth services when I say services, I mean third-party maintenance, professional services with a data centre IT roll out that kind of thing. We’re looking to effects we replicate that in Germany. Why shouldn’t the German Market be capable of sustaining it we are a channel-centric business. So we have business and customers currently over in Germany already service things so we’re just want to put it on a localized a localized form.

Will: So really the reason why you’re here is a double whammy. Yeah, I just thought you liked a tech expo to be honest with you.

Mat: I know I’m a big fan of tech expos this is a good one as well. I mean it is a big one and there is a lot of business here in this one.

Will: Yeah, it’s my first time in Frankfurt actually and yeah, I’m really, really enjoying it. I didn’t quite realize how much of a tech or industrial city it was, but you know, it’s a nice place, people are really friendly as well. So yeah, there was always a good thing. So, I suppose breaking it down into what Procurri does then is full IT cycles is that, in a nutshell, what it is?

Mat: So, we refer to it as lifecycle services of your IT hardware, but we work I guess majorly on three core areas hardware provisioning. So, we’re able to provide refurbished, used Hardware across all the major OEMs and we’re also an authorized Parts provider for many of the major IM brands including HP, HP Ink, IBM. Dell and Fujitsu, for example, and we’re also business partners with the likes of IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Dell so we can offer entire Hardware platform to suit all budgets, needs, skill sets and we did a revision on the pre-sales and the tech to help stand all this up. We have the maintenance thereby maintenance provisioning. So, the majority of which will be able to deliver ourselves within the UK. We utilize a manager own forward stocking locations. So we’re able to take a state data that’s provided to us. We’ve got some smart scraping tools that actually identify what the configurations are about Hardware if they’re not provided to us by our customers. That in turn gives you the configuration of actually the machine we plan them to lower the mean time to failure of parts and actually that then works out what we provisioning and what we’re putting into one of our 50 or 60 forward stocking locations throughout Europe and the UK to ensure we have the right part in the right place at the right time and if then organizations require engineering resource to a company that we can provide that as well. We turn it into a shared risk model. We can turn into a full MMC model. There’s a variety of options around that third-party maintenance piece to suit again budgets and also the appetite we can’t forget we’re a channel model. So rather than trying to slide a pizza to somebody and saying you have to you have all the pizza but we’re able to do is sort of take the lid off and say look you can take a slice to help support and supplement and complement what you do as a business. To provide and add value to that organization. So, our whole Model, our whole ethos is built around trying to stand up almost like a pop-up unit. So that people can take a county that piece that piece and that piece to supplement our offering and enhance our offerings. That’s what we try to do.

Will: That’s a good breakdown description. I don’t know if you use the pizza example before anyway, but basically saying the customers this what you can have we’re not going to discriminate or say you’ve got to have one particular thing.

Mat: It’s tailormade, and they can just pick it out and the portfolio and I guess the final part is the IT assets disposal parts, which is again has come ever more prominent and a lot more focus now the GDPR and the launch of GDPR which I’m sure everybody’s bored of talking about but it’s a key part of that element and how do you ensure that your legacy data, data that is no longer this is securely disposed of and doesn’t leak, there’s no contamination associated with it. So again, we’re able to work we’re an ADISA certified partner which I believe is kind of a European-wide embodiment global piece they try to do but we’re independently assessed and checked we past with distinction and have consistently been since 2012 and it’s around actually working with the customer to provide a model and a methodology around the secure and safe extraction of data. Whether it’s on-site erase that we can do off-site erase if that’s preferred, how you manage the access through in that process. It’s check out check in again. If you’re going to move live data assure and nothing is leaked in between its rigid sided vehicles, GPS tracked, no stops policy on the way back, obviously, then CSG or DOD or a German government recognized data piece. We utilize the Blanco software, we work closely with those guys and our specialization is far more round layering in the data centre piece as opposed to perhaps volume PCS and laptops, which we are able to do. But we’re able to, without integrate hardware knowledge of server storage, is actually layer that Blanco software in an erase as the discs within those higher end data centre storage, erase EMC’s and Netapp’s, Hitachi’s the IBM’s, Hewlett Packard on etc. So that’s kind of the three core pillars hardware maintenance and your IT as a disposal that has a total, we refer to that as the life cycle part of the data centre environment.

Will:  I mean, it’s quite a lot to take in there for a lot of customers. But I think the important thing is that Procurri is definitely, obviously going places and the fact that you’re moving into a whole different market as well. How do people go about if they wanted to get in touch with yourselves if you’re looking for particular services?

Mat: Well done. We need people to join our team. We are looking for enthusiastic sales, operations, engineering staff. We can provide training to them. We have a hundred eighty staff in the UK at the moment. So, if they sent CVs to [email protected], then they end up in the right place. They just reference they saw Mat at the Frankfurt Expo show and they’re interested, you know, we’ll get back to you. But we’re looking to build a dynamic team in Germany to replicate our team in the UK.

Will: I heard disruptive is getting some commission for this as well. By the way.

Mat: That’s a given you get my respects and a handshake.

Will: Yes. Absolutely. No, that’s fine. So just to clarify that again. What’s your email for the folks at home?

Matt: So, if you mail it to [email protected] effectively our people are our talent. So now your CVs over or reach out give us a call. It’s Procurri It’s easy to find you Google that gives you a good overview of where we are, but we should have a business registered hopefully, within Germany within the next two or three months. And then it’s kind of the doors are open, and we have genuinely been looking to on board people. We’ve got business here that we’re currently contracting, and we need to start working with people on the ground to help deliver.

Will: Absolutely. Great. Well Matt, obviously, we’re going to have to sort of start to wrap things up a little bit. Is there anything in particular that you want to have a look at that this Expo? Because I know you’re only here for the one day.

Mat: Yeah, I tend to do that kind of dash in and dash out which is often the way of my world now. What’s interesting is just the size of it, you know, we’ve been to a lot of the Expos but there’s a really good attendance rate. There’s a lot of good conversation. I didn’t expect to see. It’s a good expo.

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