Suman Ramesh-Babu | Constor Solutions Limited | IP Expo

Avatar Ben Fower | 15/11/2018

Suman Ramesh-Babu from Constor Solutions Limited joined us at IP Expo to talk about cloud migration, and how Constor Solutions Limiteds focus on their customers makes their company stand out. Hosted by Bill Mew and Savannah O’Hare.

Bill: We’ve got a guest from Constor Solutions Limited, please introduce yourself.

Suman: Hello, I’m Suman I am the technical director at Constor Solutions Limited

Bill: And what do you guys do? Introduce yourself.

Suman: So, we are basically a technology partner to our customers. So, whatever we do, we are a technical organisation. We lead with our technical capabilities whenever we go in and sit down with customers, obviously we talk about technical stuff rather than the commercial side of things.

Bill: And is this migration? Is this to development? What are the sort of services that you guys offer?

Suman: We are pretty much on the infrastructure side of things. We do the infrastructure solutions. We work with the best of breed in infrastructure solutions companies like Dell EMC, VM and all these guys. So, we are an infrastructure solutions company.

Bill: Do you have a particular focus on a niche in a sector or an industry or you very broad?

Suman: We are very broad. We are too small to pick our industry basically. So, we predominantly play on the mid-market side of things and there are some enterprise customers as well. So yeah, so we work with some of the niche products in the industry.

Bill: We’ve had a whole host of different guests here and the things that have come out are all about hybrid cloud and moving certain workloads. One of the trends we’re seeing is in much of the easy stuff. The easy stuff to move to the cloud that’s probably been done by now, some of the more challenging workloads are next on the horizon and some of these are not only challenging they’re some of the ones that are really expensive to maintain. If you can get it right you can make some real saving and for people with real skills such as yourself, this is where you really provide value. And what are the challenges you’re seeing from your client’s perspective? How are you approaching this?

Suman: So, as I said we work with Dell EMT really really closely and obviously, we’re starting to work with some other vendors who are all cloud-integrated. So, as you will know most of the products which are coming out today are cloud-integrated by default. So, what we do is most of the complexity which people used to talk about like a couple of years back, it’s all been simplified now in the sense that the products which when they ship out has got that capability built-in rather than you having to retrofit it like getting another appliance or something like that to retrofit it. If you buy a product it’s all got in built cloud capabilities.

Bill: Most products are cloud-ready but what if you’ve still got a lot of Legacy kit that wasn’t built with all this stuff.

Suman: We have a lot of legacy customers. So, what we tend to do with that is, basically this is the first thing which we do since we understand technology. We know what to do. We know where the cable goes, and we know what compatibility is all about. So normally our approach basically is to get everything to be cloud-ready first. What that means is that you have to get your applications up to speed. It starts with the operating system layer, storage and network. Everything will have to be up to scratch before even you can think of migrating to the cloud basically. So, we get them to a stage where it is at the point where you can easily migrate, move out and move into the cloud. That is our approach. Basically, the first thing is not to talk about cloud, the first thing is to get their infrastructure ready for them to be able to go to the cloud seamlessly rather than doing it the other way around because as you know, It’ll become really complex and challenging once we move more customers to the cloud without doing all these things.

Bill: Obviously, it’s a very crowded space in terms of there a lot of service providers. There are a lot of people offering consulting and integration services. What are the things where you guys really stand out? What are the sort of specialist skills and the abilities that you bring to bear in terms of your capability?

Suman: Well, it’s the infrastructure side of things. So it’s the storage networking operating system, we don’t go on to the application level, so we don’t touch the likes of PeopleSoft or Workday or the app or whatever it is. It’s just we know our limitations, we are an infrastructure company. We ensure that we play in that space rather than expanding our self into an unknown territory, which we are not comfortable with. So basically yes, there is a lot of crowd in our space but how we differentiate ourselves is basically we don’t, as I said earlier, we don’t talk commercials first to the customer. We lead with our technical capabilities to make them comfortable so that they understand that we know what we are talking about and then they’re comfortable with us to deal with their environment. That is our approach that is why we win a lot of customers because we come from a different side of things basically. Plus, we’ve always been a services company. Working with hardware is something which we had to do, we have been forced to do but we are a services company. So, we take our services approach to any customers whom we meet and that is the way which we differentiate ourselves.

Bill: A lot of people will see storage and networking infrastructure is dealt up but you’ve got to get the fundamentals right otherwise you’re in a whole heap of trouble.

Suman: We give a personal touch to the customer. Once we finished the deployment we don’t leave the customers in the lurch basically. So, if they have a problem they come to us and talk to us before they do anything. So, we keep the lines open anytime. This customer has a problem and requires someone immediately just right there when there is a problem. Not just when there is a sales opportunity or anything like that. That is what we ensure. Plus most of our customers have direct lines into our consultants as well. Even though Windows support the systems which we sell to customers. But still, we keep our lines open so that if they need any real urgent problem to be fixed they can call us directly.

Bill: In terms of the show here today. Are you for speaking? Do you have a stand here? Are you announcing anything at the show?

Suman: No, we just came here to meet our vendors and to see all the other new products which we can take on.

Bill: And have you come across something interesting at the show? What sparked your particular interest?

Suman: I like the idea of a couple of backup vendors who are here.

Bill: Well we all need some sort of backup, and it’s good to have so many different people under one roof where you can go around, and you can actually go and talk to some fairly insightful people. They’ve hopefully got the right guys on the stand that you can have the right discussions with.

Suman: That’s correct. Yeah, so we had a couple of discussions, in-depth discussions. Because as I said, mostly we directly go into the product details from what it does. So, if you find it interesting, we’ll just see how we can adopt it. So, we are here in discussion with a couple of vendors whom we would like to include in our portfolio. Yeah, it’s been good.

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