Uwe Jockel | NetApp | TechWeek18

Avatar Ben Fower | 12/12/2018

Uwe Jockel from NetApp joined us at TechWeek18 to chat about his role in the company and the cloud solutions they provide. Hosted by Will Spalding.

Will: So, I’m happy to be joined by Uwe Jockel here. So, Uwe you work for NetApp. NettApp is huge as I spoke to you about earlier briefly in a small little meeting we had. We do, do that. So, Uwe tell us a little bit about well first of all your job. I understand that you’re the cloud business development in EMEA. So, tell us a little bit more about your role and what you guys do.

Uwe: Yeah Okay cool. So, I’ve been wokring for NetApp for 6 years and I’ve always enrolled in the service provider business and just last year I changed to our new defined cloud data services business unit. So, this unit has a responsibility about all the cloud products and I’m a business development manager in EMEA taking care of the German and the UK Market in specific.

Will: Okay. So, I mean that’s pretty interesting. I was going to bring up something later on which I think is all on our minds really, but we won’t get too political just yet. So why NetApp and the cloud, what do you guys do that slightly different I suppose to other competitors?

Uwe: Okay. It’s a very interesting story and I have to step a little back. Yeah, because net up is known as a storage company that’s our heritage. So, we do all our business in the storage industry. We have grown the storage industry. We became and famous and since a few years, we changed a little to become a data management company. What we understand is data management. We know the data becomes more and more important for companies because data is finally the value for each company because that’s where they get their business outcome from. It’s not the infrastructure. And so what we did is as a company, we looked at the challenges our customers have and we saw that a lot of customers move to a hybrid world. And how do you manage data in a hybrid world? On-site? In the cloud? In the public cloud? In a service provider cloud?

Will: So, you have a variety of solutions.

Uwe: Correct and so we started to develop products to become actually a data management company across different clouds. That was our intention, that’s what we did the last few years’s. That’s why we think we are a good fit for customers to do a hybrid story with us.

Will: Absolutely. So, you’re based in Amsterdam and Munich as well as is that right?

Uwe: Actually, I’m based in Munich, right but our EMEA headquarters are based in Amsterdam. I’m based in the data headquarters in Munich.

Will: And about NetApp yourselves, who are you currently working with.

Uwe: Well we work with all major clouds. Yeah, so we work with Google, we work with Amazon. We work with Asia and we work with a lot of local service providers. Our intention is that we build a true hybrid cloud and multi-cloud story for our customers. Yeah, but the three hyperscale we are very proud of that. We have good relationships with them and we have products in their clouds where our customers can use our technology in their cloud.

Will: What sort of trends, are you finding at the minute? What type of changes, in particular, are you finding from your customers and your users that is really in demand right now?

Uwe: Thank you for asking this question is very interesting because when I talk to customers, most of the customers ask me. Well, there’s so much information out there. We want to change our product to become more digital we want to move to a more digital approach. We want to use and leverage external data sources. How do we do that? This is this is one of the challenges we get from almost every customer and if you look at this, you know data doesn’t reside any more just in a database, in your on-premise data centre data resides everywhere take Google Maps. Anything Google does take what Amazon services do with facial recognition what Asia does it was their services.

Will: That stuff scares me, personally.

Uwe: Yeah, you’re right, but you know, there are companies who want to use that for not always to discover everything about their customers but to enrich the product, enrich the value of the data, you know, to pick up more information and do more specific products, individualized products. And that’s what we see as challenging and here we try to help. Again, it’s all about data and management of data and linking different data sources.

Will: Yeah, we have this question that comes up quite a fair bit on disruptive about the communication between security versus AI and where that stands as well, so there’s something like you were saying doing facial recognition or whatever. There’s always that interesting conversation to be had between those two platforms really? So, what are you guys looking to gain from TechWeek?

Uwe: Well, what do we gain from TechWeek? or are you asking a specific data security question?

Will: I mean you guys in terms NetApp. Is there anything particular that you’re looking forward to exhibiting or viewing?

Uwe: Yes, we show all our Cloud products here, so we are here for our Cloud products and we want to spread the word out about these products, some of them are brand new. You go to Cloud.NetApp.com and you find all of them. So, they are brand new, we almost launch a new product every three months or do an extension to an existing product. So that’s what we want to show the people. Yeah, as you know, I mean, we are a big company, we have a strong footage in the market in Germany and our customers expect us to show innovation. That’s why we are here for, to show innovation and to talk to our customers about the hybrid club.

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