All Things Multicloud – Live Debate

All Things Multicloud is a special Disruptive LIVE exclusive where we discuss the concepts, strengths and applications of a multcloud environment.

Our host Will Spalding is joined by two expert guests:  Lucas Wager, IBM Watson, Cloud Platform & Blockchain Strategic Sales Leader and Richard Munro, Global Cloud Strategy Director for VMware.

About The Episode

Every business has their own data centre some have many centres around globally. Most data centres have their own private cloud. Many applications rely on infrastructure. Any existing applications will need to convert which could be a problem. All clouds operate in a very similar way and have their own migration part. If we put all our applications into the one cloud they would all be seamlessly connected. This is called a ‘hybrid cloud’.

This is multi cloud and even though there are different clouds there is consistency for security and enterprise IT requirements. Data centres have web servers servicing internal users, running in a private cloud. If we made this available by a mobile app we can make revenue.

The cloud application environment should be built upon. Apart from taking time to do this, it can be costly and a lot of effort is required to achieve this. We could go the multicloud route, i.e. create a mobile application in the public cloud and use hybrid clouds to have copies of the application services. These can scale up or down depending on transactions. The database does not need to move because it is hybrid and seamless. Copying the applications over means there is low risk. It also enables us to use any services for what we are trying to achieve with the least cost and risk.

Moving to the cloud world, cloud providers are driving down routes of application transformations.

40% of European organisations are already operating via a hybrid cloud. Applications are pointing to different clouds to give the fastest business value and workloads. This has meant that IBM are looking at different buyers for data/application transformation leading into the new world of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

If considering moving to an application market – how can I take those ideas and enable them all, how can I see which ones and doing well and what is not working. Depending on the idea database, sets may need expanding, or set up a mobile application from a public cloud environment. Infrastructure must keep up with the pace and innovation otherwise infrastructure will be left behind.

For example IBM and VMware augmented their IT help desks. This is working as multiple clouds are the database of information but being treated as one application.

In this informative and entertaining episode Lucas and Richard will debate many of these points and attempt to highlight the positive and successful attributes of a multicloud approach.

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