Augmented Meets Virtual – Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Headsets

Avatar Marko Batarilo | 10/11/2017

Combining augmented and virtual reality - Windows Mixed Reality has applications in Gaming, the home and in business.

Microsoft is betting big on mixed reality, their amalgamation of augmented reality and virtual reality. The tech giant seems to have learned a lot from their AR headset Hololens and with other companies like Facebook‘s Oculus Rift investing heavily in virtual reality – it seems that Microsoft are attempting to achieve the best of both world.

Early reviews are impressive – and the application appears to have interest in targeting in both consumer and business customers. Windows 10 is at the heart of this experience. Gaming, media, social interactions and immersive experience are all being highlighted – including a recent deal with SteamVR. For businesses Microsoft are focussing on the customer experience such as customer services and interactive stores – however customer interactions, product demos, virtual workplaces and engineering design tools are all case studies they currently have.

Headsets like Dell‘s visor and Samsung’s Odyssey are now available, which work with motion controllers. Unlike earlier iterations of interactive VR, the controllers do not rely on externally placed sensors instead communicating directly between the controller sensors and the headset.


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