Are Driverless Vehicles the future?

Avatar Disruptive HQ | 07/09/2016

Are autonomous vehicles the future of the motor industry, research suggests they are safer than human drivers.

With over $60 million already being invested in autonomous car technology it won’t be long before the future becomes reality and thousands of driverless vehicles hit the streets, changing the way we drive forever.

You may not know it, but in 2015 a self driving car travelled 3,400 miles across America unaided – the first step in proving the technology is there and ready to use. Uber recently announced plans to start using the automated vehicles amongst their fleet in Pittsburgh, these would however be manned by someone who can ‘take control’ of the vehicle at any time.

Google’s driverless-car has only encountered two accidents and most interestingly they were both caused by human error. Once when it was rear ended by another motorist and the other was when a human was actually in control of the vehicle. With humans to blame for road collisions perhaps it is time to start believing in our AI and let them take the wheel from here on out.

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