Pokémon GO: First Week Android Download Stats

Avatar Disruptive HQ | 13/07/2016

New data released today by SimilarWeb for Augmented Reality game ‘Pokemon GO’ on 23 countries shows data on installs and Daily Active users on July 11 2016, across countries in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

The growth comes despite only three countries – the U.S, Australia and New Zealand – where Android can download the app easily.

For these countries, by July 11th, 10.8% of all Android devices in the US had the app installed. In Australia, 15.1% all of Android users have installed Pokémon GO, while in New Zealand, it has reached 16% of all Android devices.

Looking at Daily Active Users, (a metric which refers to the average daily percentage of users that used the app out of all Android users in the country) SimilarWeb found almost 8% of the entire Android population of Australia used the app on July 11th, 6.6% in New Zealand and in the U.S the app had 5.9% Daily Active use.

The data also looks at rates of install and Daily active users in 20 other countries: The UK, Netherlands, Canada, Costa Rica, Belgium, Italy, Hong Kong, Philippines, Viet Nam, Germany, El Salvador, Egypt, Mexico, Spain, Chile, Taiwan, Guatemala, Israel, Peru and Indonesia.

Outside the official app store worldwide users accessed Pokémon GO app on apkmirror.com which on both July 6th and July 11th, eclipsed 4 million daily visitors. The site received just over 12 million visits in all of June 2016.

In other country studied, the UK the app has been installed on 3.4% of all Android devices with 1.61% daily active use.

The highest percentage of installs outside of the U.S, Australia and New Zealand, is the Netherlands where as of July 11th, the app was on more than 6.8% of Android devices in the country.
Full continent maps by download and commentary continent by continent visits SimilarWeb’s blog update https://www.similarweb.com/blog/pokemon-go-update

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