Silicon Photonics – The next generation of disruptive tech for connectivity?

Avatar Disruptive HQ | 09/08/2016

Requiring less power while providing higher bandwidth density, at a lower cost – higher propagation speed of infrared (IR) beams when compared with electric current. What does this mean relatively for us? It will dramatically increase the processing speed and the power of computers with data travelling at the equivalent of the speed of light into the processor.

Fundamental and permanent improvements in cost per bit per second, power per bit per second, bandwidth density and flexibility of networking systems will all become apparent as the connectivity between chips and processors that combine laser and silicon technology together are acquired by Juniper Networks as they acquire Aurrion, adding the important silicon photonics to their networking data centre interconnect technology.

Alongside this move, Juniper Networks have also announced the acquisition of BTI Systems, a company with hardware and software-defined networking (SDN) tools. BTI specialises in cloud and metro networking – specifically moving content to and from multiple data centres within a close geographical region, such as a city.



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