Canadian Startup Vertical Puts Augmented Reality in the Hands of Users

Avatar Disruptive HQ | 09/11/2017

A canadian startup is putting augmented reality in the hands of the user

Canadian startup, Vertical, are currently in beta testing for a new augmented reality application called Placenote.

The application is built on Apple’s new ARKit which was included to bring more AR functionality to the iPhone as well as a custom 3D mapping engine built by vertical. Unlike other AR applications on the market, this doesn’t require the use of GPS.

The app allows users to map an environment; a building, room or objects and place virtual “sticky notes” on objects and locations.

This has several applications, asset tagging, usage in industrial environments, augmented museum guided tours, use for attractions and places of interests at events and even for those renting out homes on AirBNB to enable guests to know where everything is without opening every cupboard and door.

The application is currently available on free beta using Apple’s TestFlight and can be accessed here.

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