The future of Wearables

Avatar Disruptive HQ | 08/09/2016

The fitness market is now full of wearable tech but how far could the technology stretch in the future? It is the in thing right now to track your fitness and with new gadgets seemingly being released what feels like every day the trend doesn’t show signs of slowing.

Moves toward smart eyewear like Google Glass look to adapt AR and bring reality in line with science fiction where Virtual Reality holds high prospects for gamers and movie-goers alike.

‘Smart clothing’ looks to integrate technology even closer to us. Inventions like the social hoody want us tweeting from our attire using gestures. However, the application for inbuilt health monitors could be an invaluable asset to keeping us healthy.

Wearables look to shorten the time it takes to use technology and aim to slot into life easily as if they are not even there.

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