What is the Rubik’s “Spark”?

Avatar Disruptive HQ | 14/09/2016

The Rubik’s Cube is one of the world’s most iconic toys, and the mind-boggling cube has been handed down (along with much frustration) from generation to generation.

Much like Pokemon Go has for Pokemon, the Rubik’s Spark looks to revive the brand with a new high-tech twist on the classic puzzler. It looks similar to the Rubik’s Cube in many respects; it is the same size, seemingly has nine squares on each side, and you hold it to play. However, all of the squares are white… and they don’t twist or turn individually. Opting instead to light up.

These lights create different games to play upon the cube, varying between single and multiplayer. “The Rubik’s Spark is a fun, electronic cube which includes lights and unique technology that allows the game to be controlled by tilting, turning and quick movements – we call this bubble control,” said Chrisi Trussell of the Rubik’s Brand.

There are 26 levels of difficulty included in the cube as well as an extra game that allows the player to make their own music by using the squares upon the cube called ‘Rubik’s DJ’.

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