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Episode 6: Disruption: Automation, IoT and IIoT

Duration: 46:31 1544

In this sixth episode, we look at the topics of Disruption and Automation in the age of IoT and IIoT.

Episode 5: Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality

Duration: 52:24 1211

In this fifth episode, we look at the topics of computer generated and augmented realities and their place in the IIoT.

Episode 4: Analytics, AI, Machine learning, Business and manufacturing insights

Duration: 28:27 1582

In this fourth episode, we’re going to look areas of insight, analytics and the like that are often fundamentals or leveraged in IIoT and IoT investments.

Episode 3: The World of (Smarter) Cities

Duration: 36:13 2504

In this third episode of the IoT Show, we’re going to look the topics of Smarter and connected buildings and cities.

Episode 2: IoT Platforms

Duration: 33:46 1477

In this second episode of The IoT Show, we’re going to look at some of underpinnings of the IIoT and IoT. The topic of the IoT Platform.

Episode 1: IIoT/IoT – how to justify, and how to get going

Duration: 02:28 2473

In this episode, we’re going to look the basics of IIoT and IoT. What is it/are they. What’s their value and who should be interested, importantly how does one get started on the journey.

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