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Sustainable Futures: Today's Choices, Tomorrow's World

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In Studio (Southbank London)
Disruptive LIVE
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"Sustainable Futures: Today's Choices, Tomorrow's World" is a monthly show that acts as a beacon of hope and innovation in the sustainability arena. Each month, we bring together thought leaders, innovators, and change-makers from various industries to discuss, debate, and discover the latest in sustainable practices. Our episodes cover a wide range of topics – from renewable energy breakthroughs to sustainable urban development, from eco-conscious consumerism to the role of technology in preserving our planet.

This show is more than just a dialogue; it's an interactive platform where ideas spark and actions begin. We showcase real-world examples of sustainability in action, highlight emerging trends, and provide practical insights for individuals and businesses alike to adopt more eco-friendly practices. With a focus on solutions and positive impacts, "Sustainable Futures" aims to inspire its audience to make informed choices today for a healthier, greener tomorrow. Join us in this journey towards sustainability, one episode at a time."

If you are passionate about sustainability and eager to share your insights and innovations with a like-minded audience, we invite you to register your interest to become a star and a guest speaker!

Sustainable Futures: Today's Choices, Tomorrow's World

Sustainable Futures: Today's Choices, Tomorrow's World

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How can I become a speaker or panelist?

Interested individuals can apply/register through our website, providing relevant information about their expertise and topics they are passionate about in sustainability.

Where and when will the recordings take place?

The recordings will take place at our London Southbank Studios, with dates scheduled throughout the year. One date per month

What is the format of the panel discussion?

Each session will include up to 4 guests and 1 moderator, engaging in a dynamic and interactive panel discussion on pre-selected sustainability topics.

How is the show distributed?

The show is broadcasted on various platforms including our website, social media channels, and other digital platforms for a wide-reaching impact. We really appreciate the social engagement of others to help spread reach the wider audiences

How long are the panel discussions?

Each panel discussion is designed to last approximately 30-45 minutes, ensuring a thorough exploration of the topic while maintaining engagement.

Who is the target audience for The Sustainability Show?

Our series is tailored for a diverse audience including industry professionals, sustainability enthusiasts, policymakers, academics, and students interested in sustainable practices and innovations. It appeals to those seeking to understand and engage with the latest trends and solutions in sustainability across various sectors.

Will I be aware of the other panelists before recording?

Yes, we'll be able to share with you the other panelists ahead of recording

Are there any hidden fees/costs?

No, this is not “pay-to-play’ and there are no fees or costs for our guests as this is a fully-funded show by Disruptive Live. However, we reserve the right to issue a £750.00 charge for bookings cancelled (or non attendance) within 24hrs of the filming date.