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Cloud Chronicles: Tracing the Digital Evolution

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In Studio (Southbank London)
Disruptive LIVE
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Step into the future of technology with 'The Cloud Show', the premier event for cloud computing enthusiasts, professionals, and innovators. Join us for a transformative journey through the latest in cloud technology, where cutting-edge solutions meet real-world applications. Whether you're a seasoned expert or just beginning your cloud adventure, The Cloud Show is your gateway to mastering the cloud.

The Cloud Show is the place to be. Seize this opportunity to lead and share your insights – you wouldn't want to miss out on being a part of the conversation shaping tomorrow's cloud landscape.

Cloud Chronicles: Tracing the Digital Evolution

Cloud Chronicles: Tracing the Digital Evolution

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How can I become a speaker or panelist?

Interested individuals can apply/register through our website, providing relevant information about their expertise and topics they are passionate about in sustainability.

Where and when will the recordings take place?

The recordings will take place at our London Southbank Studios, with dates scheduled throughout the year. Specific dates can be found on our website or through our coordinators.

What is the format of the panel discussion?

Each session will include up to 4 guests and 1 moderator, engaging in a dynamic & interactive panel discussion on pre-selected sustainability topics.

How long are the panel discussions?

Each panel discussion is designed to last approximately 30-45 minutes, ensuring a thorough exploration of the topic while maintaining engagement.

Will the session be pre-recorded or live?

The recording session will be filmed "as live"

Will there be opportunities for networking with other panelists?

Yes, we encourage networking among our panelists and provide opportunities for interaction before and after the recording sessions.

How is the show distributed?

The show is broadcasted on various platforms including our website, social media channels, and other digital platforms for a wide-reaching impact.