LIFE with Patti Boulaye – s1e3 – His Holiness Radhanath Swami – Part 1

Avatar Julie Podbielski Stewart | 19/10/2018

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In this new exclusive series, Patti Boulaye will look at the other side of success from people from all walks of life, who have lived and breathed it including mental health concerns that everyone faces.

For the third episode of “LIFE with Patti Boulaye”, Patti is joined by Spiritualist Teacher His Holiness Redhanath Swami.  His Holiness Redhanath Swami was a monk for 40 years and lives in Mumbai. His Holiness Redhanath Swami set up the hospital in Mumbai which started with students having a spiritual wakening over the body, mind and soul.  In this episode Patti and His Holiness Redhanath Swami talk about how to find contentment and spiritual care.

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