Life With Patti Boulaye – S1E7 – Prof Dr Doirean Wilson

Avatar Andrew McLean | 15/11/2018

In this new exclusive series, Patti Boulaye will look at the other side of success from people from all walks of life, who have lived and breathed it including mental health concerns that everyone faces.

For the seventh episode of “LIFE with Patti Boulaye”, Patti is joined by award winning diversity expert, Prof Dr Doirean Wilson.

Currently the diversity lead at Middlesex University, London, Prof Dr Wilson has had a distinguished career as a lifetime expert and significant figure in the area of diversity.

Accomplishments beyond her academic work include a UK Lifetime founding member of the ‘Women’s Executive Network’ (WXN), Advisory Board member of GUBA (Ghana UK Based Achievement Awards) Board, Trustee of ‘Nubian Jak Charitable Trust’; Advisory Board Member of ‘African and Caribbean Memorial Project Board’. Prof Dr Wilson is also expert advisory board member for BIPADA (Boulaye International Protocol & Decorum) training, leadership and personal development Academy founded by CEO Patti Boulaye.

In this fascinating episode, Prof Dr Wilson discusses her distinguished career and work in equality, diversity and exclusivity.

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