Audrey Tang | The Leader’s Guide to Mindfulness

Avatar Ben Fower | 31/12/2018

We were joined in the studio by Audrey Tang author of The Leader’s Guide to Mindfulness.

How well are you doing in the human race? Oh, I don’t mean origin or group or species. I mean the race to… Be the best. To be successful. To manage your daily demands. To have a happy team. We always seem to be running after one goal or another and the pressures are even worse when you’re in the lead. You’ve got to manage an ever-growing list of priorities. You have a number of expectations to meet. Don’t forget those frustrations that appear every day. And all of this comes with a level of stress. It can sometimes feel a little bit like living in a glass box. If only we could press the pause button, but what if you don’t want to do that? Well, that’s where The Leader’s Guide to Mindfulness can give you a head start.

Do you need to problem solve in order to be the best? Or do you know the difference between problem solving and decision making and even if you do, do you know about all the different cognitive biases that can affect our choices of behaviour. What about creating something special to be a great success, but maybe your team’s a little bit secretive over their ideas. You can learn how to create a safe space so people are willing to share but with a little reminder to innovate as well because it’s not always the bigger fish that you need to worry about, it’s sometimes the faster one.

Then there are those daily demands they become so much easier to manage if you can focus on your goal and work towards that and a happy team. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone just got on with each other? A simple meeting before each project or when a new person joins the team where they can explain the value their contribution to the topic and why they need things done at a certain time in a certain way could work wonders for you. This all sounds like Common Sense doesn’t it? Turns out it’s not all that common and as with any form of training, it’s very important to look after your physical and mental well-being. So I urge you to think about your self-care. Why? Because you’re the person who’s going to do all of these things and if you don’t or can’t who will? The Leader’s Guide To Mindfulness is going to help you identify your priorities. It will remind you to set expectations for others. It may support you in minimizing your frustrations and if you’ve got a little bit longer and can go through the guided meditations that accompany the book it may even help you reduce your stress.

Applied mindfulness is an investment in yourself. It’s there to teach you to recognize your value. And then you can win at any race you choose but most importantly. You’ll win at Being Human.

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