This Robot Could Help End Your Marriage. Meet BillyBot! The AI Barrister’s Clerk

Avatar Disruptive HQ | 06/11/2017

Legal Bots have started popping up everywhere. Some, such as DoNotPay, offer legal advice to help people our of tight spots. Now the AI technology has made its way into the world of Barristers.
Infographic - BillyBot
BillyBot Infographic showing API integrations and outcomes.

There has been a trend of Legal Bots popping up online lately. DoNotPay hit headlines recently to help with parking ticket cases and other instances of AI legal advisers are in development. Disruptive Pitch finalists, Clerksroom Direct, have released BillyBot – the words first artificial intelligence junior clerk chatbot. For those unfamiliar, junior clerks are predominantly UK Barristers administrators – or as Wikipedia elegantly puts it:

A manager and administrator in a set of barristers’ chambers.The term originates in England, and is also used in some other common law jurisdictions, such as Australia. In Scotland, the equivalent role is advocate’s clerk.

This is not the first time Clerskroom Direct have ventured into the world of legal technology. The startup began their journey offering online comparisons and advice to those looking for Barrister services. The aim is to cut out the expense and complexity of legal proceedings, such as divorce, where both solicitors and Barristers are traditionally involved.

We interviewed Stephen Ward, one of the creators of BillyBot about AI technology, legal bots and the inclusion of tech in the world of Barristers and legal process.

Originally Broadcast: 03 November 2017

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