Meet MiRo – The Biomimetic Robot Companion Dog

Avatar Disruptive HQ | 27/11/2017

Meet Astrid - the biomimetic robot dog designed for companionship for those with dementia.

This is Astrid. Astrid is a MiRo (Mimetic Robot) – a robotic dog designed by British company Consequential Robotics.

In this interview with co-founder Sebastian Conran we discuss MiRo, the technology behind mimetic robots and its applications as a companion for people who are isolated or those with autism or neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimers.

MiRo is designed to find its way around the home, find objects, uses facial recognition and responds to tactile touch.

MiRo is currently open to the developer community as low cost fully programmable autonomous platform suited for those developing companion robots. With six senses, eight degrees of freedom, an innovative brain-inspired operating system and a simulation software package, MiRo is a flexible platform for both research and education.

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