No Isolation – A Robot to End Loneliness

Avatar Marko Batarilo | 21/11/2017

Many children experience loneliness when they are absent from school and separated from their friends for extended periods due to illness. Because of this, they may face challenges when returning to their everyday lives. The AV1 robot provides a solution to this problem.

Minister of Health and Care Services in Norway, Bent Høie

No Isolation is a Norwegian startup with one core aim – preventing loneliness. Their AV1 is world’s first telepresence robot that helps long-term ill children and young adults stay connected with their peers. The technology allows children keep up with education in the classroom, as well as stay in contact with family and friends, without being physically present.

We interviewed Mio Kristiansen from No Isolation and asked about the evolution of AV1, how communication tools are being used to combat loneliness and why robots like AV1 are changing peoples lives.

No Isolation Image

Source: No Isolation

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