Running a Marathon? There’s a Wearable For That.

Avatar Julie Podbielski Stewart | 22/04/2018

Andrew Statham, PHD, Co-Founder from Arion.

Interview with Andrew Statham, PHD, Co-Founder from smart-insole wearable startup Arion.

Originally broadcast on #DisruptiveLIVE – 20th April 2018.

Andrew discusses his start-up Arion, the benefits of smart wearable insoles for running shoes, how they’re involved with the London Marathon and their app to improve and tweak technique when running.


“It’s actually kind of a wearable running coach it’ll help you to focus on your running technique which is an element of running that a lot of people often don’t pay attention to. You tend to go out the front door and get tired and then you think you’ve done enough and then see how you’re getting on. But there’s a lot to be gained in the way you move your body. In the same way you do when you play tennis or golf you focus a lot on the technique. In running we can do the same and with that we can reduce the risks of certain injuries and we can improve the potential for performance and running economy… Something like 70% of runners don’t have access to a coach.

There are people gonna be doing the (London) marathon wearing it absolutely. We’re a startup company, we’ve started delivering products at the end of last year in December to our first initial user group. Now we’re at the London Marathon we’ve got a bunch of runners running around the marathon including a few press and media representatives and they’ve got these smart insoles inside.”

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