Hitesh Sahni | ADASTRA Deutschland | TechWeek18

Avatar Ben Fower | 27/12/2018

Hitesh Sahni from ADASTRA Deutschland joined us at TechWeek18 to talk about ADASTRA and the role of the many subsections the company possesses. Hosted by Mat Jordan.

Mat: I’m joined here by Hitesh Sahni from ADASTRA is that pronounce correctly? Got your name right as well? Perfect, well done me. So, your business ADASTRA, tell us about ADASTRA. I’m not familiar with it.

Hitesh: Thanks for having me here. So ADASTRA is a global software consulting organization and software and service provider. It is a global organization, it is actually a group of companies and we do a lot of stuff into different areas, but as a whole we’re completely focused on information management and business consulting. We are based out here in Germany and headquartered from Canada and we have offices worldwide in Europe in US, Canada, Asia. So, our core business focuses on helping our customers transition in today’s scenario of digital era and help them facilitate their digital transformation. So, at the core we have ADASTRA, which is at the core of our ADASTRA group. Within ADASTRA we have a software consulting organization where we build the products and services for our customers. We deliver consulting services, professional services for our customers, and then we have other companies within the group which are focused on specialized purposes. For example, ADASTRA One, which focuses on building the mobile apps and it’s focused on delivering the high-quality mobile applications. Then we have ADASTRA Business Consulting specialize in finance, business domain and other business areas, and then we have our sister product based company called ATACAMA, which is completely focused on building the products around master data management, data quality, data integration with respect to traditional data warehouses or on today’s Big Data products such as Hadoop all on the cloud or on-premises. So yeah, that’s pretty much what ADASTRA comprises of. So, it’s a global organization, it’s a group focusing on core competencies of data and information management and together with that we also have recently acquired one new organization within our group it’s called Blind Spot. It’s completely focused on machine learning and AI. We have some top-notch experts within Europe delivering some high-quality machine learning applications. So that’s pretty much all about ADASTRA.

Mat: The elevator pitch. So, I mean effectively it’s all things to do with the software and the transition of an organization’s software base from perhaps the classic environment and assisting with the migration into a cloud environment.

Hitesh: Yeah so, you’re right, but I’ll add on to it not only to cloud but also to new generation of optimized platforms which involves the data lake environments Big Data platform. We do all these things on premise as well as on the cloud. So, we are helping our customers delivering their services by the means of transitioning from and Legacy systems to the newest data platforms that are out there today in the market whether on-premise or on the clouds. So, we are vendor agnostic we support all form of cloud platforms, we support all form of data integration tools on-premise to name a few tools. It could be Informatica, Talent, DataStage, ATACAMA. So, we are agnostic from our consulting service point of view there.

Mat: Yeah, so you’re well-versed in working with all manner of cloud providers any platform of Hardware. It’s just the actual process the mapping the management and the areas around it. So, you mentioned in their big data and data lake just talk us a little bit more around your understanding of what you mean when you say to the Big Data and the term data lake.

Hitesh: Yeah, these are the new de facto standards in today’s era big data and data lake so big data is no longer now a new term for us or for anyone out there. Everyone is impacted or impressed by the humongous amount of data that’s been generated around us, whether from traditional data sources or from new kinds of data sources that have evolved in recent times whether it be IoT, sensor logs, web blocks and what not. So big data when we speak of Big Data, Big Data means the data that is coming in huge amount of volume from an unlimited number of data sources and at a huge pace, that’s very important. It’s coming at a very fast rate, so this is really the change and that’s where our big data architecture has got to evolve, and our traditional architectures has got to evolve to be able to support this kind of data architectures and this kind of new data formats that are coming in. So basically big data is not just a concept or a technology but it also requires a mindset change to be able to capitalize the value and insights from Big Data and to produce something which is valuable for the company and to do to generate insights from the big data that is being generated, which is seeing unprecedented growth and today big data assumes in finite shape. So you really cannot say okay ‘my data will only be coming in this form or that form’. It could be anything, it could be files, it could be unstructured data, it could be semi-structured data, it could be raw data in the form of logs yeah everything.

Mat: So effectively you have software tools, you build the tools to be able to, first of all, grapple with this sort of chaotic nature that data arrives in, in the huge volumes that it arrives in and to provide order and structure such that you can interrogate and analyze that data within a time frame such that it provides a meaningful back to the organization.

Hitesh: Yeah, so exactly. So, as I said this requires not only in the change of the data structures or data architecture, but also in the way we think how we are going to ingest this data and how we are going to store and analyze this data. So that is where data lakes have you know really played their role very well and Data Lakes have served this purpose for our customers. We have been delivering data Lake project for our customers and we have seen value being generated. So, in the beginning when this data lake concepts came out people had their doubts. Saying It’s more of hype and it won’t work because it becomes a data strength, but trust me if you do this very well and we bring this experience from the field and we have done this with our customers and if you really do this well, if you design your data leak well, you have a standardized approach may be through frameworks or a proper data governance in place. Then the value is worth much more than the investment that you put. So, data Lakes are really the foundational assets of how you can store and be able to deliver and consume this huge amounts of big data that is being generated for today almost any organization out there.

Mat: Yeah and I guess know just to some degree, needing to have a level of border surrounding it all nowadays things like GDPR and things like that are starting to drive that around the personal data, but of course data consists of so many other things that have nothing to do with GDPR. It can be all manner of other variables sitting out there.

Hitesh: Yes so you rightly say, data does not come alone when you have to ingest and collect some data it brings along with it some complexities some compliance requirements, some processing requirements and how you want to deliver or consume this data is controlled by a lot of factors and in today’s era, especially after May 2018 in Europe GDPR plays a very important role and what we see as a trend this not only will change on how we work with data in Europe, but across the word and we will see security more tied to the data in the coming years and GDPR and other compliance control protocols will play an important role in the coming years.

Mat: Yeah, and you’re well positioned as an organization to kind of capture all of this, make sense of it all.

Hitesh: So, with our many years of experience and solely focused on information management and delivering insights and value out of the data. This is what we do, and we do it diligently and we do it from all perspectives. So, we are completely focused on taking care of end-to-end data management and end-to-end data lifecycle. When we say this, we don’t only just do data processing or data analytics or machine learning, but we are the one who works with a partner across their entire journey and we take care of the things end to end and we have worked with some of the largest customers across the world, some of the largest different kinds of industries across the world, be it banking, pharmaceutical and we have delivered the largest data warehouses, data lakes, you know with standardized framework approach which really have delivered the value that organizations expect out of the data lake.

Mat: That’s fantastic. Look all time is drawing to a close, so if somebody wants to reach out and find more information. Where do they look?

Hitesh: Look at our website, there you’ll find all the information.

Mat: Is that ADASTRA.de?

Hitesh: Yeah for Germany we have a ADASTRA.de and we also have a group website at ADASTRA.com. So, there you will find information about all the companies in the beginning I mentioned. So, feel free to visit that website and feel free to get in touch with us you have anything to do with data and to get in touch with us how we can help you as we have been helping a lot of customers across the world.

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