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Japan Grants Residency to an AI Robot

After Saudi Arabias Sophia, the world's first robot citizen, Japan has now granted residency to an artificial intelligence bot.

Japan has become the second country to grand legal rights to a robot. Not long after Saudi Arabia gave citizenship to Sophia, albeit discredited by some as a PR stunt, Tokyo’s Shibuya ward are following suit by giving residency to an AI entity named Shibuya Mirai – even giving it a birth certificate.

Mirai, Japanese for “future”, is a chatbot on the Japanese  messaging service, Line. Unlike Sophia which was designed by Hanson Robotics to look human, Mirai does not have a physical presence. He exists solely online and was created as part of a drive to make the local government more accessible.

Mirai is programmed to behave and act like a seven year old boy.

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