Don’t you just hate it when the camera zooms in on your face and makes you squint? Or when you can’t see yourself because of glare? You’re not alone! A lot of people have a hard time being comfortable on camera. It’s an intimidating process that many shy away from, but there are ways to be more confident while being filmed. There are also some other tips for getting the best footage possible without having to worry about how awkward it is.

The Camera Itself

It seems obvious but the first step in being on camera is to look at the actual camera. Cameras are everywhere nowadays, so chances are you’re used to them in your everyday life. However, when it comes time for an interview or a documentary shoot, cameras can seem huge and intimidating. Take some time choosing the right camera for your video. If you’re using a phone or tablet as the camera (which is perfectly fine), try out some apps that can help make things easier. Apps like Story cast let people record short videos on their phones that look crisp and professional. With the introduction of the iPhone 13, you can get pro res filming from the device in your pocket!

This however does not replace the need and desire of a studio experience. The cameras provide quality and stability whilst the other forgotten about aspects such as sound is all done for you. In my opinion, your first step should be finding a local studio, like Disruptive Live in Southbank, London!


Lighting is integral to having a good video, and when you’re on camera in particular. Reducing shadows and having clean, natural lighting helps with the quality of your video.

The first step is to find out how light works in that studio space! If you can see where it’s coming from then there are at least some limitations on what you can do. You don’t want bright lights shining directly into your face that can wash out the colour in your face. The best place to have a light is slightly above and to the side of your face. It should be diffused so that it’s not too harsh, and you don’t want any shadows underneath your eyes or on your chin.

Presenting Yourself

Then the most important thing of all would be you. How you look on camera, your body language and facial expressions. The best things to wear on camera are solid colours and avoiding stripes or patterns. Make sure your clothes fit you well, don’t be too baggy or too tight as it will look bad on camera. Avoid jewellery that shines or has a lot of detail as it can also be distracting.

Your body language is also very important, you want to be open and relaxed. Make sure your shoulders are down and back and keep your chin parallel to the ground. Avoid crossing your arms or legs as it will make you look closed off.

Finally, focus on your facial expressions. You want to look interested and engaged in what you’re saying. You should smile occasionally when appropriate, but don’t overdo it.

Things to Avoid

There are a few things that I suggest avoiding at all costs, no matter what the circumstance.

First, never chew gum or eat while on camera. It will look extremely unprofessional and make you seem like you don’t care about the interview.

Second, avoid wearing busy patterns or bright colours. They will be distracting to viewers and they won’t be able to focus on what you are saying or your facial expressions.

Finally, don’t slouch or fidget. It will make you look lazy and unprofessional.

Follow these tips and you will be looking like a pro in no time! Being on camera can seem intimidating at first, but if you are prepared and know what to expect, it can be a great experience.

It’s important to remember that there are many ways you can be in front of a camera and still feel confident, so don’t give up if one technique doesn’t work for you. When it comes to being on video look at all the different options available, figure out what works best for your personality and start experimenting! Whether it’s interviewing someone or just giving a tour of your office building – find something where you’re comfortable with how you come across. Relax, have fun and good luck!

February 23, 2024