Are you interested in learning how to monetise your YouTube videos with ad revenue? If so, this blog post is for you!

Advertising revenue is a great way to make money from your YouTube channel, but it requires a decent audience size & a good understanding of the different types of ads available.

First, you'll need to set up your channel for monetisation. This is done through YouTube's Creator Studio dashboard. Here, you'll link your AdSense account, which is required for ad revenue and set up monetisation for each video.

They must meet YouTube's ad-friendly guidelines to get your videos approved for monetisation. This includes avoiding explicit or potentially controversial content and any copyrighted material (music, videos, etc.).

Once your videos are approved and your channel is fully set up for monetisation, it's time to select the types of ads you'd like to run on your videos. YouTube offers a variety of ad formats, such as display ads, overlay ads, skippable in-stream ads, and non-skippable in-stream ads.

The amount of money you'll make from each ad will vary, depending on the type of ad, how long it is, and how often it is viewed. You can also set CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) bids to maximise earnings.

Finally, you'll need to track your ad performance to ensure you're earning the maximum revenue. Again, YouTube provides detailed analytics to help you understand which ad types are performing best & where you may need to adjust your CPM bids.

By following these steps and optimising your YouTube channel for ad revenue, you can start earning money from your videos and making the most out of your YouTube channel.

Once you've taken the steps to properly monetise your YouTube videos, you must focus on getting more views & subscribers to your channel. Promoting your videos on other social media platforms and trying to get your content featured in other YouTube channels can help you get more views.

It would help if you also focused on creating attractive, engaging content that viewers will want to watch. Finally, keep track of what kind of videos are performing best and try to learn from your mistakes.

Finally, ensure you engage with your audience by responding to comments and offering excellent customer support. This can build loyalty and encourage subscribers to share your videos with friends.

By taking these steps & optimising your channel for ad revenue, you can make money from your YouTube videos and maximise your earnings.

February 23, 2024