Short form video is exploding on social media, offering brands huge potential to grab attention and engage viewers. Bite-sized videos under 60 seconds fit modern mobile-first, short attention span behaviours. With 4 billion social video views daily, concise content should be core to your strategy.

Explore the psychology and benefits of short video, creative tips for optimising runtimes, and tactics to excel on fast-paced TikTok and Instagram Reels. Get ready to think speedy!

Why do viewers love short videos? Science suggests our modern digitally-rewired brains actually crave concise content. Researchers found the average human attention span has shrunk to just 8 seconds - less than that of a goldfish!

Short videos match our contemporary capacity to focus. Viewers are more likely to stay attentive from start to finish when videos are condensed and scannable.

Brevity also suits mobile scrolling. Short videos smoothly fit between other tasks on smartphones. Long uploads risk being abandoned mid-view when attention wanders.

Additionally, quick clips spread easily. Viewers re-watch and share short videos more frequently across social channels and private messaging. Viral memes prove how rapidly concise video content spreads.

For brands, this presents a huge opportunity - create snackable videos optimised for fragmented modern consumption patterns.

How can you condense videos persuasively under the 60 second benchmark? Follow these creative editing tactics:

Strip down messages:
Focus on communicating a single clear idea or story beat per clip. Remove extraneous dialogue.

Rely on strong visuals:
Show more and tell less. Allowing images to lead amplifies brevity’s impact.

Use quick cuts:
Editing faster between scenes gives a sense of pace and progression even in a short runtime.

Avoid introductions:
Jump right into the action. Hook viewers immediately before attention fades.

Find natural concise cases:
Some stories and moments have an innate brevity. Seek ideas that neatly fit short forms.

Branded content works especially well when structured for modularity and concision. Build a library of flexible bite-sized video assets - product demos, testimonials, explainers, behind-the-scenes - that can be adapted across contexts.

With the right creative strategies, you can condense relevant messaging into ultra-lean video snacks audiences will devour.

Optimising for TikTok

Now let’s explore tactics tailored specifically for TikTok, the leading social video platform built purely for short form. With over 1 billion monthly active users, its hyper-condensed vertical videos represent the future.

TikTok’s younger Gen Z audience has even shorter attention spans. Curate content for their tastes:

Leverage viral trends:
Jump on viral hashtag challenges and remix trending sounds for built-in discoverability.

Get creative with effects:
Augmented reality filters and stickers add tactile interactivity.

Show personality:
Lo-fi videos that feel raw and behind-the-scenes perform well.

Feature people:
Relatable faces and stories that users identify with drive engagement.

Entertain don’t sell:
Subtle brand integration woven into engaging content converts better than overt marketing.

Videos under 15 seconds tend to gain more traction on the ultra-fast platform. Think micro-storytelling tailored for addictively flipping through a stream on mobile.

Instagram Reels: Another Short Video Option

Like TikTok, Instagram Reels is based entirely around 15 to 30 second short videos. Here are some tips for Reels success:

Multi-clip sequencing:
Link several videos in creative quick cuts using Reels’ “Stitch” feature.

Interactive stickers:
Pepper in stickers and AR effects between clips to encourage viewer participation.

Treble audio:
Layer sound clips and music tracks for a richer soundbed in short runtimes.

Also share Reels to main Instagram grid and Stories to maximize reach.

Add captions:
Use text overlays to reinforce core messages and branding.

Remember, audio and visual snippets can be repurposed between Reels and TikTok to make short form production scalable.

When launching short form social videos, track engagement metrics to hone your strategy:

Completion rates:
High percentages show content is captivating viewers throughout runtimes.

Attention curves:
Look for steep initial drop-offs indicating slow openings.

Social sharing:
Frequent shares signal content resonates and spreads.

Lively responses reveal what specifically sparked reactions.

Traffic sources:
Monitor what platforms and hashtags drive the most referral views.

A/B testing alternate versions will help refine what content and styles pop most.

Short video thrives on small screens - so consider vertical formats. Unlike television, don’t expect social video viewers to be seated and squarely focused. Create snackable content for the distracted, fleeting attention spans of mobiles.

Hook viewers immediately with bold opening shots and lively pacing. Let movement and music drive the visual storytelling over lengthy dialogue.

Most importantly, ensure your short form videos convey a clear memorable moment, emotion or thought. Tickling viewers’ brains with concise memorable content will drive audience growth and engagement across platforms.

So embrace the brevity. Distil your video narratives down to dynamic essentials tailored for minimalist short forms. You’ll capture viewer attention for those pivotal few seconds - and inspire them to hit replay.

February 29, 2024