It’s no secret that video marketing is a powerful way to increase your business’ profits. But, did you know that video can be even more effective if it’s done correctly? In this blog post, we will show you the perfect video formula and how it can take your video marketing strategy to new heights!

Surprisingly lack of engagement harms your company, but incorrect engagement can be even worse. Missing out on tone and delivery can be damaging to your brand or even connections with clients. Video gets you closer to real life and how you would come across in person, eliminating all risks.

Always understand the assignment
When making a video, the most important thing is understanding the video. Who is it for, why are you making it even what’s your budget? Understanding what you want the video to end up as and how you will create it is fundamental. Knowing what end product you would like to see is what will help you make video decisions and video production choices.

Tips For Locations
Location is integral to a video, as video is a visual medium. You want to use locations that add context or meaning and elicit emotion for the viewer. Locations can help you tell your story in a way words cannot do!

– Find places with high contrast: white walls next to dark furniture will give viewers something visually interesting

– Consider videoing at night/morning when it’s quieter than during daytime hours

– If shooting outdoors have some sort of shade available (e.g., umbrella) so there isn’t glare on the camera lens from sunlight

That leaves a wide range of places but even still there are some locations frowned upon as video production locations.

– Do not video anywhere near an airport

– Stay away from powerlines, highways, and train tracks. If you have to video in these locations make sure the video is short or there are a few cuts so that the viewer will be aware of their surroundings

Lighting Tricks
In the video industry, there are certain tips and tricks for getting your lighting just right. Lighting can make or break the video, it’s as serious as it sounds.

– If you’re videoing outside, try to take a video in the middle of the day. The sun should be at your back and it’ll give off natural light.

– When videoing inside, make sure there’s something that gives off enough light for you to see what you’re filming with (a window or lamp). Otherwise, turn on all the lights! It might seem harsh but this is video production we’re talking about here–nothing can go wrong because your lighting was too dim.

– One thing that most people don’t think about when they film indoors is how reflective certain surfaces are and whether or not those reflections will ruin their video quality. Too many mirrors? Shut them all down before shooting so that nothing can reflect itself into the video.

Simple really!

Best practices
The best practices for videos are just the basics. My top tips are :

-Keep the video short and to the point.

-Use a tripod or camera mount for video stability. This is especially important if you are recording on location because it will help with any added shakey motion from walking while filming–and we all know that can cause blurry video footage.

-Do some research beforehand to find out what kind of video type best suits your needs (do you want something long-form? Short and sweet? Lifestyle?). The more time spent thinking about this upfront, the better off everyone involved will be when things get going.

These basic tips apply no matter what video production subject: video production for video distribution, video commercials, video marketing (including web videos), or video instruction.

-Determine the subject and location of your video before filming. This will make things go smoother when on set as you won’t have to stop multiple times to figure out what exactly it is that you want to capture with each shot.

-Try not to use a lot of people in your video if possible; this makes editing much easier and helps keep it more intimate/personalistic than having too many faces getting in the frame–especially since most people will be looking at their screens rather than at one person talking all day long!

We hope this article has helped you understand what makes a video great, and how to make one of your own. There are so many opportunities out there for making videos that it can be hard to decide where to start. Whether you’re producing a tutorial or an advertisement, the key is knowing your audience and what they want from their content for them to engage with it on social media. Get started today by thinking about these tips we’ve shared here!

February 23, 2024